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原文标题:Conquest 1453


fake kingdom of heaven, lead actor fake aragorn
Author: abdullahkesgin-296-834167 from Turkey
9 March 2012
*** This review may contain spoilers ***
17 million dollar budget may be the highest number in Turkish film making industry, but this does NOT make it sufficient or even close to sufficient for a film like Fetih. Acting is less then amateur cause they don't have enough payment to hire real actors. Ships and language do Not suit ottoman era. There are enormous historical mistakes even conflicts. Make you wonder whether the director consulted some or any historians. Sword fighting scenes are unbearable. Ulubatlı Hasan has nothing to do with being an ottoman nor a turk.
The worst scene was the illegal sex scene which has no way to happen in Hasan's life.

标题:虚假的天朝王国,虚假的主角aragorn1700万美元的预算可能是土鸡有史以来电影的最高预算,但是对feith这种片子来说,这点预算并不足够或者接近足够。演员比业余还业余的表现致使他们没有足够的资金去雇佣真正的演员。船只和语言与奥斯曼当时的实际情况不符。充斥大量的历史错误及冲突。这会让你联想导演到底有没有咨询过历史砖家。那些用剑的战斗场面是难以让人接受的。Ulubatli Hasan 根是一名奥斯曼人或者土耳其人一点关系也没有。最失败的场景当属Hasan的不合法的性爱场面,这再当时根本不可能发生.

Exaggeration and Sublimation of Ottoman History
Author: Ali KINCAL from Turkey
18 September 2012
Almost everything in the movie, is very blown up: Costumes, characters, places... Not everything fits to what really happened back then, nor does it have to. But that doesn't mean that the director has the right to irritatingly twist history in favor of conservatives in Turkey.He falsely presents Emperor Mehmet II as a superhero that makes almost no mistakes, and as a monogamous person
Shortly, what I saw was a religious, peasant point of view and a foolish sublimation of Ottoman history. That's what happens with big budget and very limited mentality.

几乎电影里的每一件事情都被夸大了:服装,人物,宫殿。。。并不是所有事情都符合当时的情况,不过这也没必要所有都符合。但是那不代表说导演就有权利以土鸡人保守的偏好来篡改历史.他错误的把Mehmet 2世塑造成了超级英雄,一个没有任何错误的只娶一个老婆的人。最近,我所看到的是一个宗教的,农民的视角,以及对一奥斯曼历史无知的升华。那就是在大预算和有限心智下的产物。

One word ; disappointment!
Author: Tolga Elverdi from Turkey
6 August 2012
*** This review may contain spoilers ***
There are some scenes that i was ashamed, like those so-called romance scenes.I decided to quit watching so many times.
They could have made a great documentary without wasting such huge amounts of money.

标题:一个词 失望对其中很多场景让我感到不齿,就是那些所谓的浪漫场景。我曾多次打算放弃观看。他们本可以不必浪费这么多钱来拍一个不错的纪录片。

An insult to Turks, an insult to filmmaking
Author: picaresk from Turkey
10 March 2012
*** This review may contain spoilers ***
This film is an insult to Faith Sultan Mehmet, to Ottoman history, and to the intelligence of any audience. It is the very example of how western orientalizm can be internalized. The reason why the conquest of Constantinopolis was a matter of survival for the Turks -the economical, political reasons- were totally non existent. Mehmet II, a well educated man, is nothing more than a religious zealot in this film. Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos, who is well respected by the Turks, is a caricature.

标题:这是对土耳其人的侮辱,对电影业的侮辱这是对神圣苏丹mehmet,对奥斯曼历史以及任何聪颖的观众的羞辱。这正是东方化的西方理念如何被其内部同化的.对于征服君士坦丁堡的战争理由是事关土耳其存亡一说,以及其他政治经济原因根本是无稽之谈。 Mehmet二世,一个受过良好教育的人,在这部片子里被刻画成了一名宗教狂热者。被土耳其人尊重的东罗马末代皇帝在这里尽显滑稽。

Waste of time
Author: dorimi from Ukraine
22 August 2012
As someone said before "I am sorry but 12 year old kids and illiterate people may find this movie great but in reality this actually had a great potential but is totally failed the great opportunity..." Im great fan of history and i was waiting for opportunity to watch this perspectively awesome movie, but ... I've just wasted 2h30m of my time.


Be Supportive...Author: Ersagun Kocabas from Istanbul, Turkey
16 February 2012
It's a huge progress for Turkish Cinema, even though several mistakes, this picture is a 160 min. worth movie with an unclaimed argument in the history of motion picture, ever.

标题: 支持... 这对土鸡电影来说是一次重大的进步,即便有些许错误. 这是一部160分钟的片子, 且反应的是那段双方永远都无法达成最终一致的历史认同的 一部片子。

Unless you're into watching 3 hours of propaganda, stay clear
Author: andras-gerlits from United Kingdom
28 September 2012
I come from an Eastern-European background. Movies during my childhood were chosen and censored by bureaucrats, financed by the party in everything but name and it was generally frowned upon to say anything bad about the party.


评论太多,暂且翻到这里。记得当时西方看不下去了,2月出的这个片子,9月份就出一部意大利等西方几个国家一起赶拍的维也纳1683攻防战,内容是如何打败奥斯曼的。 当初在美国这部片子开始受到了抵制, youtube上开始讨论太过疯狂,后来也禁止了讨论。影视自由的前提是按我的规则来玩而已。谁拳头大谁就能定义自由,弱肉强食是亘古不变的真理。对于看惯了如斯巴达300勇士或十字军东征系列等美化西方或希腊等片子的我们来说,不妨看看这部站在其对立面的穆斯林的片子。当然最后的大坏蛋是西方了。所以这个西方影评里基本是负面,不过不妨碍这部片子在穆斯林世界很火,被西方电影界黑了这么久,终于能看一部让穆斯林人民觉得舒服的片子了。 当然作为世界另一端的我们以第三者的角度来看待西方与穆斯林的冲突,也许会有另一番风味吧。

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